The Lovers' Guide To Homemade Video

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Inside every person, as timid as they might seem, dwells a being who feels curious about or enjoys watching themselves naked in erotic situations, whether it's alone or with a partner. This manual provides the tools to enjoy this exciting game with skill and creativity.At the time of shooting an erotic film, there can be some uncertainties: Which are the best angles? What type of lighting best expresses the sensuality? How can the most beautiful body parts be highlighted? Is it necessary to prepare a script? What kind of limits do you create? The Lovers' Guide to Homemade Video is a pioneering guide to discovering new and exciting erotic possibilities: from filming a striptease, to a movie more subdued in tone, to a stimulating session of nude photography.The abundantly illustrated pages include, amongst other topics: à  The most suggestive erotic ideas and guides-à The art of the striptease-à The most exciting plans, scenes, and sequences-à Lighting, sets, and accessories- Editing and digital effects-All kinds of tricks to make the most out of the camera. Published : November 4, 2014 144 Pages

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